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What makes John Colet School what it is?

Our revels now are ended.  These our actors, as I foretold you were all spirits, and are melted into air, into thin air.  

–    Shakespeare, The Tempest

The Infants Shakespeare Festival is winding up as I am writing this. All the classes have performed and were wonderful.  It has been a journey to get to where we are now, performing the plays in an intimate but appropriate space; on our own stage; with all the other incidentals needed for such a production.

But most of all we have dedicated, passionate teachers who work hard to script, cast and rehearse these plays; supportive parents who make the enterprise a real team effort; and, of course, the children who delight us all with the performances.  Congratulations to all involved on another fine Festival.

After all the reading, writing and arithmetic has been squared away, what differentiates one school from another?  What makes John Colet what it is?  It is the little bit extra, which turns out to be a major bit extra the full commitment to giving the children the finest education possible.  And for this we enlist Shakespeare, Mozart, and Michelangelo.  With these master teachers it is hard to go wrong.