Year 3 write their own biographies - image  on

Year 3 write their own biographies

Year 3 write their own biographies - image IMG_8591-1 on

We have been busy learning here in 3rd Class. The children are focused and learning well. They are all making excellent progress.

What have we been up to this week?  

English – This week the children read a biography of choice from the Big Dreams Little People series. They used the information from these to write a mini biography of their own.

Maths – This week we have focused on formal written methods for subtraction as well as calculating change.

Science – The children demonstrated their knowledge of how night and day occurs. I have attached some videos of their explanations.  

Geography – This week we have been learning how to use an atlas and read maps using coordinates.

Shakespeare – We worked on Act 2 this week with Miss Emanuel, again I was so impressed with the children knowing their lines. This makes things so easy as we can move straight to the stage directions. Please keep practising these with your children.

Mrs Bell