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Young Yogis 2017

John Colet School will be offering students an 8-week program in term 1 2017 that will provide benefits beyond the yoga mat!
The physical benefits of yoga are the same for children as they are for adults. Yoga provides increased strength, flexibility, energy, improved balance, and coordination. These physical attributes will serve your child well should they chose to participate in any sport or dance.

Participation in yoga practice actually leads to a higher level of performance and aids in injury prevention; however, the health benefits of yoga go far beyond strength and flexibility. Dedicated yoga practitioners can speak to the appreciable emotional and mental health benefits of the practice; yoga reduces stress and anxiety, increases self-acceptance and mind-body connection, and improves concentration.

More specific ways Yoga can help children:
    Increase their muscle tone and develop muscle co-ordination
”    Develop body awareness
”    Balances the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain
”    Improves balance and concentration
”    Injury preventative
”    Develops greater awareness of how the body functions (particularly the
   lungs) and the difference between relaxation and activity within the body.
”    Gives them a method for releasing pent up emotional and mental states
   of mind.
”    Introduces the ability to focus the mind and improves concentration and
   study skills
”    On a more subtle level I have found children to be more aware of the power
   of their minds and of positive thinking. Over time this can help develop a
   more caring attitude to others.
This program is suitable for any students in years 1-6. Sessions are 45 mins and the cost is $80 per student. All material included.
The YOGA program will commence on Wednesday 8th of February 2017 at 3:15-4pm.

Sessions are held by Pia O Connor